Functions bring in opportunities to celebrate the special occasions such as engagement ceremonies, birthdays, wedding ceremonies, to name a few. Selecting a perfect venue for your function ensures creation of magical and special moments of the celebration. But to choose a venue that will get you the best treat of the celebrations it’s not so easy as it seems?

When it comes to celebrating a big event such as a wedding ceremony or grand birthday celebrations or cosy engagement party, the venue plays a crucial role in its failure or success. Venue hunting is a little difficult task, especially for the first-timers. They might have to face a daunting challenge of making a good balance between the budget and the needs of the affair.

One of the biggest question that arises while choosing a function venue is the number of guests you’re planning to host. Thus, it is really very important to prepare the guest list before picking the venue for the event. As the number of guests decides the size of the affair. So if you’ll have no idea about the size of the ceremony you’ll not be able to choose the venue confidently.

If you are planning to make settings for about 200 guests, its very important to choose a right function venue, in order to avoid any messy situation. Whether you are looking for an engagement venue or wedding venue or birthday venue the guidelines listed below will help you in selecting the right function room for your event.


Location is one of the most important factors to consider while deciding upon the venue. Make sure the venue you choose is easily accessible so that everyone can find a place for themselves without any hassles or trouble. Make sure that the not only venue has enough parking space for the guests, but is also big enough to accommodate all your guests easily.

The Facilities

Though internet is one of the best means for finding out the best available options. But you must not depend solely on the web search results regarding the facilities offered by the management. It is always wise to keep 2-3 options in stand and inspect each one. This helps you in knowing about the facilities offered by them properly. You must check whether/not the venue is free or costs and if it is private all night or open to the public at some point.

Early Bookings

If you are not a first-timer in booking the function venue, then it must be well known to you that the best venues are booked early. So you must not wait up to the last moment to make your bookings. There are great chances that other people would also want the same venue , get them booked at the early stage. Early bookings not only saves you from a lot of headache, but you may also get the bookings done at great discounts.